Scrap/Deregister Your Vehicle In 3 Easy Steps

How to Deregister/Scrap Car in Singapore

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Deregistering Car in Singapore with Authorized Scrapyard

Drive your vehicle to our scrapyard at 213 Kranji Road Singapore 739485

LTA Authorized Car Scrapyard Singapore

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We are a LTA Authorised Scrapyard to help vehicle owners to scrap and deregister their end of lifespan (ELV) vehicles that they want to dispose. We have extensive experiences in scrapping and de-listing light and heavy commercial bus, trucks, utility pick-up, van and cars in Singapore.

All in all, we help vehicle owners to provide a hassle-free one-stop service, handling all LTA related deregistration procedures.

Alternatively, if you wish to relocate your vehicle overseas, we will also handle all LTA and Singapore Customs procedures on your behalf and ship your vehicle to your desired country.

For more information on how to de-register your vehicle, please call our Hotline : 63688832 or see below our 3 easy steps to deregister your vehicle. You may also visit One Motoring site. (link)


  • Prices are subjected to car model. Kindly fill up and submit the request form for a quotation, we will reply you at soonest.
  • You can scrap your vehicle on the last day of your COE expiry date.

For personal vehicle

  • Obtain your vehicle transaction pin from LTA.
  • Drive your vehicle with your transaction pin to our scrapyard at 213 Kranji Road.
  • Receive payment from us (if any).

For commercial truck

  • Drive your truck to our scrapyard at 213 Kranji Road, certain documentations are required to scrap your truck. You may wish to call our office line to get more information on this procedure.
  • You can consider to drive your car till the end of the COE or if you wish you may scrap your car earlier and get back more COE rebate.

You are required to provide different identification documents depending on the ownership type for the truck to be deregistered

1) For Private Limited Company, following documents are required:

  • Deregistration Form (D01)
  • Board Resolution
  • ARCA valid for 14 days from date handing over vehicle

2) For Sole Proprietorship, please bring along the following documents

  • Owner Original IC
  • Deregistration Form (D01)
  • ARCA valid for 14 days from date handing over vehicle

To find out more on the deregistering procedure for your truck, you can send us an email at or complete the enquiry form.

  • Apply over the Counter from LTA Office @ 10 Sin Ming Drive with the relevant documents.
  • Request Online Via, do take note that requesting of the Transaction Pin online will take around 5 working days for the pin to mail to your Registered residential address.

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