Kiat Lee Group offers a variety of services to our customers, from sales and exporting of used vehicles in both commercial and private enterprises to the assessing and procurement of second-hand vehicles designated for deregistration in Singapore.

In buying used vehicles, we ensure that all units offered to us are appropriately appraised and priced. This is to ensure that we, can allow you, our customers the best possible price and concurrently allow for equitable business between ourselves suppliers.

Furthermore, we offer the best possible value for your second-hand trucks, buses and cars as we are a scrap yard authorized by LTA. Allowing you to secure the best possible price for your used vehicle, bypassing other agents with no admin fee to maximize your profit.

Above all, Kiat Lee provides shipping and trucking services for our overseas customers. Our global connection allows us to help our customers transport their vehicles to their country without having to handle the arduous requirements and processes of shipping.

Let us be your preferred partner to find the best deal for your used cars or trucks, and handle the packing and shipping services on your behalf.